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Hello Gamer-Kids!

Welcome to The Screen Times! We are starting this site because we want a magazine by kids for kids about Screentime! Like we say, “Don’t waste it!”

We want to help you make the most of your screen-time by offering news, hacks, tips and tricks, contests and fun challenges.

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Photo by efader

Minecraft – basics

If you have never played Minecraft here are some basics. First create new world in either survival, creative or on java edition hardcore and then choose your difficulty normal, hard, peaceful (in peaceful there are no monsters.) Once you get into the game you collect wood to make tools but first you have to make a crafting table with four wooden planks. One wooden log gives you four wooden planks. Then you have to use two wooden planks to make four sticks. Once you get your wooden tools, like a wooden pick axe, a wooden axe, and a wooden sword then you can use your wooden pick axe to mine stone and get stone axes, swords and pick axes.